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guiding the block through printmaking press

The Printmaking process

Handmade, original relief printmaking

'My original woodblock prints are created using the relief printing process achieved on an etching press. I draw or transfer my image onto a woodblock, then cut out the area I want left white or blank with woodcut tools. The area I've left untouched is the original surface level that depicts my image. Once this surface is 'inked up' using a hand roller, I place the woodblock face down on quality paper and run it through the etching press. The pressure from the heavy roller transfers my image from the woodblock onto paper. This process can be repeated with multiple carved blocks to make up the final matrix/image. This manual method of production creates an original handmade print. To make up an edition, the practice is repeated until the desired number of prints is achieved. There are many technical challenges that need to be overcome to create a successful edition of prints which look the same and hold the unique character of the original woodcut block'.

Rebecca - Painter & Printmaker.

Printmaking process: Bio

Printmaking process

Original, handmade relief prints

Printmaking process: Portfolio
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